Hello and a warm welcome to the fireside

I am so excited to be able to write the first blog for my website. I have had a lifelong passion for exploring religion and came to paganism through a lifelong study of most of the world religions.

I believe that spirituality is our way forward in a difficult world where one religion is constantly at war with another. Humans were not created to fight with each other – they were created to learn new things from each other and to improve humanity through our reasoning and our love of each other.

By being in synchronicity with nature we can improve ourselves and each other by studying the old ways. We always fundamentally have known what is right for us and it has taken all these years for us to return to that which we know deep within.

I hope in my blog to explore paganism to a much deeper level including spells, herblore, oils, making body products, sharing esbats and sabbats as we move through the wheel of the year.  I hope to share with you how to make different herbal wreaths, herbal teas and to use the magickal ways to improve ourselves.

In paganism there is a fundamental lore that states

‘An harm none, do what ye will’. It is simple, it encompasses what is known as the Golden Rule – the one law that runs throughout every religion in the world – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

For pagans, you are free to do absolutely anything that you wish provided that you do not cause any harm to anyone. On the surface it looks like you are completely free to do whatever you wish but in reality it requires you to reason for yourself whether an act that you are about to carry out will cause any harm to anyone and if so then you cannot do it. Unlike many other religions where you are given precise instructions as to how to behave – paganism expects you to demonstrate common sense and discretion. It brings great responsibility.